Jacob Gibson Owns SATI Construction. Over 80% Of His Subs Are From ToolBelt.

Jacob Gibson of SATI Construction joins us to talk about his experience using ToolBelt. His use of ToolBelt saves him hours of searching for labor. Now over 80% of the subs on his current project are from the ToolBelt platform. Whether you’re looking for labor, or you’re a tradesperson or sub looking for work, ToolBelt can connect you with the construction professionals you need to fill your calendar.

Kyle Dashnea Finds Work Through ToolBelt

Kyle Dashnea is a tradesperson working in Portland, Oregon. Listen as he describes how people looking for work can benefit from the ease & speed of ToolBelt to fill their calendar with projects.

“I’m so glad that ToolBelt reached out to me.  I’ve already used them on several projects, and it’s working out great.”

– Sean Steinbach

HDC Renovations

“I don’t have hours out of my day just to find people. The small fee that I feel that they’re charging, for what I’m receiving, is absolutely worth it. I anticipate I’ll use ToolBelt on every project in the future.”

– Sean Steinbach

HDC Renovations

“Wow, a human answering me! That’s definitely an innovative feature. Your reply was very prompt, very informative. Thank you so much.”

– Raul Morcillo


“I’m on the phone, making 12-15 phone calls to find a trade. I’m making all these phone calls, spending all this time, not meeting with customers, not hanging out with my kids, working 12 hour days, just to staff a job.  Now I can post a job, and let ToolBelt work for me, and go to work.”

– Nathan Collord

Pacific Partners Consulting

“The real impact that ToolBelt has had, for me, is to allow me to set aside the stress of staffing jobs.  They’ve allowed me to set that aside and focus my energy on things that are more valuable… it allows me to enjoy life.”

– Nathan Collord

Pacific Partners Consulting

“I’ve gotten four really solid subs from ToolBelt in less than a week, and in this industry that is the hardest part.”

– Frankie Stone

Five Star Painting, Vancouver

“ToolBelt cut our time in finding tradespeople and subs almost in half.  The ability to look in one platform and find licensed contractors ready to work is invaluable in my experience.”

– Jacob Gibson

SATI Construction

“ToolBelt’s awesome. I like it better than Craigslist, and fishing for gigs I’m not gonna get a call back on.  I can go straight to the contractor, it’s straightforward, and I usually get a call back within week.”

– Kyle Dashnea

Tradesperson, Portland, OR

“During my first month of listing with ToolBelt, I had three requests for a general contractor to do interior remodeling.  I have completed five projects so far.  Highly recommend ToolBelt – FIVE STARS.  Thank you for being a major part of my success.”

– Dosier Construction