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Frequently asked questions

What can I use ToolBelt for?

Find work. Find labor. With ToolBelt.

Post projects to recruit tradespeople and crews to reduce your backlog and get more jobs done. Look through posted projects and apply to ones in your trade to fill your schedule. Builders, contractors, and tradesmen all come together on ToolBelt to get more done!


If you want to learn more about how to use ToolBelt, check out our tutorials on how to find labor and how to find work.


How can ToolBelt help me if I already have a network?

ToolBelt helps you out when your network fails. 

Our single-trade project posting system allows Project Posters to easily find substitutes for their normal crews, and subcontractors to easily find work when their leads run dry. Also, our connect feature makes growing and strengthening your network simple.


How much do I pay for leads?

ToolBelt gives you access to hundreds of leads free of charge!

Look through the hundreds of leads our app has to offer, then apply! Our free plan allows you to apply to two projects at a time. After that, you can use our Pro subscription to increase the number of projects that you can apply for, while still paying much less than your average lead site.


How do I make myself stand out on the app?

Add pictures to your profile!

Your profile acts as your resume in the ToolBelt app. Before anyone calls you, they view your profile, looking for pictures, a bio, and a gallery of work so they know that you’re trustworthy. Having a complete profile is a boon to your success on the app.


How do I grow my business with ToolBelt?

If you’re interested in growing your business, our Pro subscription is the best route.

You can apply to an unlimited amount of projects and connect with unlimited people to expand your production. If you want to try Pro out, we offer a month free trial for it!


I had a good experience with someone on the app. Can I continue to work with them?

Yes you can. 

In ToolBelt, you can “connect” with other users, send messages, call them, check their profile to see project postings, and even invite them to your own projects. View our “Get Connected” tutorial to learn more!


Do you have a desktop version?

The app is not on desktop, but you can still post projects and receive bids on desktop. 

We realize it’s important for ToolBelt to be usable on the jobsite, which is why we made an app. If you want to use ToolBelt on a desktop, you may want to consider our Production Service Plans, where we provide desktop services to speed up the project posting process. Use our “Request a Demo” page if you’re interested.


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